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Research and Development

IT-Business Research and development.


Ongoing research is needed to improve the business services delivered. Here at Litchmore Lab, a great deal of time is spent researching IT and Business solutions integral to a business success.

System Engineer

Litchmore Lab maintains systems. But more interestingly Litchmore Lab has skills in the art of architecturing a new system. Litchmore Lab will architecture or engineer a system based on the environment and business needs.

Internet Marketing Specialist

A challenge to companies is finding and keeping customers. Litchmore Lab research and produce strategies to effectively reach customers base on a business needs.


Ongoing Research and Development

Simon Holdings

System Engineer

forContractors Product

Website Development

Kitchen Transitions

Website Development

Internet Market Service

Marketing/Website Development

Simon Media (Coming Soon!!!)

System Engineering

Kondo Litchmore, PhD

Contract CTO


20 Years of experience.

  • 20 Years

    IT System Architect/Design

    Architect applications, dababase system (Oracle, SQL Server & MySQL), and information system. .

  • 20 years

    Develop, Build and Impliment IT Systems

    Developed over 30 Web/Desktop Applications. Manage and monitor development environment (IIS, .Net, SQL Server). Developed using C#, Java, Groovy on Grail, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL, Javascript.

  • 20 Years

    Secure IT System

    Extensive experience securing database systems and web servers (Microsoft IIS and Apache)

  • 10 Years


    10 years leading and managing groups of developers, programmers, DBAs, system engineers, technical writers and business analysts.

  • 20 Years

    IT Marketing

    2 years on IT marketing focusing on content marketing, PPC, social media, SEO, email marketing, and web analytics

  • Architect

Lab run by

Kondo Litchmore, Ph.D., MBA

Research-Practitioner / Lab Manager

Litchmore Lab is a research entity run by KTT Solutions. Dr. Litchmore, KTT Solutions' CTO, runs this business entity. Here we research and develop business and IT solutions for our clients. Drop us a message using the contact form below .

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